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10. Home

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

home /hōm/


  1. the place where one lives permanently

I close my eyes and try to imagine.... The place where I live. Permanently.

A cool, late morning headed into downtown Detroit. I’ve dropped off the kids at school and I've got one of the sitters (also known as student-turned-coworker) on pick-up this afternoon. I've called off work for the day and I feel FREE. It’s late spring. Maybe one of those nice Michigan mornings that turn into freakishly beautiful days. The kind of morning that whispers in excitement that summertime is near. An easy 30 minute drive downtown, listening to Sway in the Morning. I park in a $10 lot somewhere, pop in my AirPods, grab my coffee, costumes, bag, keys, phone and start the walk toward the theatre door….

Once inside, I stop to steal a quick “hi” and bagel from the crew (who have undoubtedly been working for hours already this morning). I shout a quick “Hey, good morning” to everyone in the house and on stage along the way to the dressing room. I sign in on the call board. I put down my things, set up my snacks and makeup, take off my shoes, and head to the stage for warm up.

I’m grateful for the stage lights that provide a comfortable warmth in the crisp theater. I still have on my sweatpants, hoodie, and thick socks. Pliés, tendús… Getting a little warmer. Shed the hoodie. Degagés… sweatpants and socks can go now, too. Get on the leg. A couple of combinations across the floor. Mind is clear. Blo

od is flowing. Good morning! Now we can work.

Spend the day teching and running the show. All to prepare for... opening night.

My favorite part though, is the stage. The house lights blink. As I stand in my opening position onstage I can hear the softening commotion creep between the curtain and the marley. Soon, all the lights are down and a hush lies thick over the crowd. Backstage is quiet and vibrating with excitement and just a tiiiiny bit of nervousness. The curtain goes up and everyone in the building holds their breath in anticipation for the first step. All eyes are on me. Lights and music... Go!

A Company of Dancers

Neglected Weed - Pas de Deux

Choreography: Paulette Brockington

Dancers: Nicole Johnson, Brandon Burton


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