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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been connected, in one way or another, to music and dance. I’ve never sought it out. It’s always just kind of found me in every stage of my life. Ever since my mother and father met, dancing the night away at a college party (my dad says she caught his eye because she was the only one who could keep up), the seed was planted in my soul.


As a young girl, I found family, identity, and belonging in the West African and Afro-Cuban dance community. What started out as my mother’s one and only outlet shortly became the gateway to my life as a dancer. Being the only Black girl in an all white private school, naturally I had a hard time identifying and appreciating the culture and heritage I was exposed to, and eventually ventured off into competitive cheer (which was much more popular). 5 years later, I was a high school freshman who needed to choose a P.E. elective. Instead of registering for gym class (which included an entire swimming unit that would inevitably force me to get my hair wet on a daily basis), I opted for a less water-related course… Dance 1. After taking this class first semester and Dance 2 the next semester, I decided to audition for the school’s Dance Company.. And the rest is history.


During my 20’s, I danced background on a few commercial tours and projects, I gave birth to my daughter, danced for a modern company in West Michigan, and I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Dance Performance from Western Michigan University. After graduation, I moved back to my hometown to “adult”.... Which I thoroughly hated. I worked for a trucking company. I worked for the Auto Show. I worked as a substitute teacher. I worked in school administration. And, of course, my life was the dance studio. All while just trying to survive and sneak in a little dance when and wherever I could.


Now, in my 30’s, I am a divorced mother of 2. I still work for a corporation for our survival, but am intentionally anchoring that work in a purpose that is aligned and informed. This feels good! I’m learning that, just as steady income and health insurance are necessary for survival, so is being who I was actually created to be. I’m learning to find the median. Feet rooted in the ground with my head open to the clouds... grounded and limitless. It ebbs and flows. But I’m learning to navigate, and learning a lot about who I am in the process. Always learning. Always dreaming. Always growing. Always LOVING. 

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