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"Your life is already artful - waiting, just waiting, for you to make it art"

Toni Morrison

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When Did You Realize You Wanted to be an Artist?

There really was never a specific point of becoming an artist for me, more-so an acceptance and a finding of voice. I’m still finding that voice with each passing day. I’ve always been a good athlete with flexibility and rhythm. Style came as I studied various dance techniques throughout high school and college, but the artistry was introduced when I married my abilities with my experiences and began to tell stories… My stories, stories I’d read, stories I’d heard, stories I’d made up. Showing a feeling, not necessarily always a plot, through movement. Then using various colors and sounds to flesh out the idea. When I stepped back to look at all of that coming together, I realized it as art, just as you would see in a museum, read in a novel, or hear in concert.

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