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17. Peace

3.13.2021 brought a New Moon in Pieces. An astrologer I like to follow admonished, among many other things, "Pursue more of what brings you peace." I wrote it down on a random scrap of paper in the back of a journal (in every journal I've ever owned, the last few pages are designated to miscellaneous notes, thoughts, lists, doodles.... mainly because this is the only source of paper I always have readily available. It's always interesting to go back to those last few pages and see what gems I find).

Pursue more of what brings you peace.

Well, if that's not what Dancing Over 30 is all about... My writing in the past few months has been sparing. My life, as I'm sure is true for many others, has been consumed with many things, that finding time to write or things to say has become difficult. But finding this little note was helpful.

Pursue more of what brings you peace

peace /pēs/


1. freedom from disturbance; tranquility.

What brings you peace?

What brings me peace?

Stability brings me peace. Knowing that those whom I care for are well brings me peace. Caring wholeheartedly for myself brings me peace. Knowing, at the end of the day, that I've done my absolute best brings me peace.

Pursue more of what brings you peace.

Knowing these things, does everything that I am currently in pursuit of align fairly with what brings me peace?

I can confidently say... yes!

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