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39. all those on the other end of the line

Updated: Jan 14

One of my students passed away the other day.

There have been a lot of feelings and truths to wade through in association with that.

Of all the things I've discovered and uncovered in the past few years, one that has been helpful in this time especially is that our connections are not limited by physical space, time, or realm...

Discovering, developing, pursuing, receiving... clarity and connection that comes from the other side.

I've been so focused, however, on the mothers on the other side, that it slipped my mind that there are children over there too. Babies, some whose names we've never known. And some of whom we've know well. We've seen in class. We've watched grow. We've cheered on. We've known them well.

The lyrics of this (Lianne La Havas) song that have been in my head all week go:

You can trip, flick a switch negative Break the circuit between us But electricity lingers In our fingers

Oh you can burn every fuse and refuse Turn your positive minus Electricity lingers In our fingers

It's probably about a romantic relationship, but I keep thinking about how even in death, our connections to the ones we love aren't necessarily severed.... if you believe in that sort of thing.

I know I do.

My grandma taught me (and keeps teaching me every day) that life is cyclical, never-ending, unpredictable, and limitless.

Praying for strong , consistent, uninterrupted connections for Carrington and all those loved 💛 ones on the other end of the line 💛

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